Dead or Alive 2 Slots Overview: Volatility, Paylines, Return to Player (RTP) & Bonus

Dead or Alive 2 Slots Overview: Volatility, Paylines, Return to Player (RTP) & Bonus

Dead or Alive 2 Slots Overview. Editor’s note: Read our Dead or Alive 2 Feature buy page for more information on the bonus buy version of the game. There is really no need to introduce the original Dead or Alive. The slot, which was initially released in May 2009, has practically reached legendary status and continues to rank among the most popular games available.

A list of the top performing slots for a specific casino was seen, and it was discovered that Dead or Alive was ranked number 11 on the list. For a slot that is about ten years old, not bad at all!

Dead or Alive was later converted to the HTML5 format as a result of the end of the Flash era. The subsequent issue, which we raised in one of our most read pieces and which saw many players accuse NetEnt of “nerfing” the game, appears to have had minimal effect on the game’s standing and acceptance. The fact that NetEnt has always denied making any modifications to the math is final.

Even though the sequel is a very different game from the first, they do have many things in common. The 5-reel, 9-payline configuration is the same as previously, as is the industry standard RTP of 96.8%. Additionally, the surroundings are fairly recognizable, so seasoned gamblers will feel perfectly at home. The primary game’s action is set in a western town’s main street as the sun sets in the background and casts its final rays of light.

The final showdown, however, takes place in a variety of locations, even if the old tavern is still open for business. The free spins function, where you may select from 3 games, is the element that stands out the most in comparison to the original in terms of features.

The vivid HD-graphics and cutscenes of Dead or Alive 2 Slots are indeed amazing, even though the original’s dated retro aesthetic is in no way repulsive and even has some sentimental value for us.

The symbols on the reels pay homage to the original, albeit with obviously modernized artwork. Along with the more lucrative whiskey bottles, boots, cowboy hats, revolvers, and sheriff badges—the latter of which is the most costly and awards 100 times your stake for 5 across a full payline—you’ll also encounter the A to 10 royal symbols.

Each of the five outlaws serves as the wild, which can replace all other symbols except the scatter. The Scatter win jackpot is still present in Dead or Alive 2 Slots, and it requires five scatters to be found in the base game.

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Dead or Alive 2 Slots: Features

Dead or Alive 2 Slots

The Free Spins feature can be accessed without playing the main game by using the feature buy option, or by trying to simultaneously land three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Once inside, you have a choice between playing Old Saloon, High Noon Saloon, or Train Heist, three distinct games with various levels of risk.

With a rising multiplier, Train Heist is available. When a wild symbol appears on the reels, the multiplier rises by 1 and you get 1 extra spin. Now, 5 more free spins are given if the multiplier meter reaches 16x. 

Old Saloon is fundamentally identical to the original Dead or Alive. Any wilds that land on the reels lock into place for the duration of the bonus and all wins are doubled by two here. You’ll get 5 additional spins if you land all 5 outlaws.

High Noon: The High Noon free spins, which utilize NetEnt’s “MAX” idea, are by far the most volatile of the three options. They have a record-breaking maximum win of over 100,000 times your bet, which, as of this writing, is more than any other non-jackpot slot.

Prepare for impact; it’s essentially Dead or Alive on crack. The Old Saloon free spins’ attributes apply here as well, but if you get more than one wild on a reel, they’ll multiply! In other words, two wilds multiply by two, three wilds multiply by three, and so on.

Additionally, late in 2020, NetEnt released a bonus purchase variation of Dead or Alive 2 Slots. If it’s legal in your jurisdiction, players can purchase the bonus at a cost of around 66 times the stake. If they do, they’ll receive 3 scatters on reels 1, 2, and 3 with a chance to get all 5.

Dead or Alive 2 Slots: Verdict

It was a smart move, in our opinion, for NetEnt to essentially combine the old and new versions of this game. Since there are three alternative free spins games available, you won’t likely play the same version of old DoA, but you don’t really have to pick between the two in this way. If you want to try other games, you can try poker games, slots, and sports games that can be played on situs judi bola online.

Of course, the three separate free spins games will affect the distribution of the RTP. It’s challenging to think of a better way to celebrate Dead or Alive’s tenth anniversary, and NetEnt has unquestionably produced a sequel that not only upholds but also increases the brand’s reputation. In this case, the MAX concept is also quite helpful, and Dead or Alive 2 Slots is one of the few games where achieving one’s entire potential has been shown to be possible.

We approached this evaluation believing that the original was untouchable and fearing that NetEnt would damage its reputation. We emerged from it baptized, purified, and prepared to mount once more. We are pursuing Apache, Billy, Belle, Della, and Jesse.

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