Double Fortune Slot Demo (PG Soft) – Free Games, Spins & Bonuses

Double Fortune Slot Demo (PG Soft) – Free Games, Spins & Bonuses

Symbols can appear singly or in pairs on the reels of Pocket Games Soft’s Double Fortune Slot Demo. It may seem like a deceptively simple five-reel, 30-payline game, but don’t be fooled! An RTP of 96.22 percent hides a highly volatile game mechanic that can deliver payouts of up to 100,000 times your chip value.

Double drum sets appear during the Free Spins bonus round; What’s more, if you land wins on both reels at the same time, you’ll get an 8x multiplier to boost your winnings.


We are still quite new to playing PG Soft online slots; however, in the short time we’ve gotten to know them, we’ve always found them fun and engaging to play. 

Like so many of the developer’s other titles, it has a very oriental approach, which is something that is rapidly growing in popularity in this part of the world; after all, Asian-themed slots are often filled with symbols denoting good luck. This particular game is played in Asian weddings, where it is customary to display this.

Theme, Graphics and Soundtrack

Double Fortune Slot Demo (PG Soft) - Free Games, Spins & Bonuses

If you had any doubts that Double Fortune Slot Demo is all about matchmaking, the game dispels any doubts once it launches. The happy couple looks over the reels and can barely contain their excitement when the Free Spins bonus round is triggered.

This game’s bold crimson and gold visual supports its Asian influences. The graphics are well done, giving a touch of fun to the proceedings. The game is designed from a mobile point of view, so you can have the same experience playing on your smartphone or PC.

In the background, softly lilting oriental music plays, but never at a level that becomes irritating. It is partially drowned out by the gentle murmur of conversation; After all, we are going to a wedding! Everything is done with great skill and makes for quite charming gameplay.

RTP And Volatility

While it has a slightly above average RTP of 96.22 percent, Double Fortune is a highly volatile game; therefore, we recommend that you play extensively for free before committing your own money.

How to Play Double Fortune Slot Demo

1. Click or tap on the stack of chips just above the spin button. This opens an options menu, allowing you to specify the chip value and bet level.

2. Press the center spin button to start the game. There is also an autoplay option if you want to play multiple spins on the same bet, which can be set to 10, 30, 50, 80 or 100 autospins. The feature must have a loss cap, and if you choose to establish one, a win cap as well.

3. A turbo button is to the left of the spin button, giving you the option to play faster.

4. A menu button in the lower right corner of the screen gives access to game sounds, paytable, rules and data for your current game session.

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Bet Sizes And Paytable Winnings

Source from bocoran slot gacor malam ini site, payouts are made according to your chip value multiplied by your bet level. Due to the double symbols appearing on the Double Fortune Slot Demo reels, it is perfectly possible to get wins on ten of a kind symbols. The wild (joker) is always available to help you create the perfect winning combination.

If you land three to ten matching symbols, you will receive the following chip value multipliers in prizes:

– Jack, Queen = 5x – 300x

– King, ace = 5x – 500x

– Bridal food = 10x – 800x

– Shoes = 12x – 1,000x

– Wallet = 15x – 1200x

– Ring = 20x – 1500x

– Bride/groom = 30x – 3,000x

Bonus Features and Free Spins

Only on reels 2, 3, and 4 do scatters appear, and you must get them on all three to start the Free Spins bonus round. You start with eight free spins on two separate sets of reels, with each additional scatter giving you one more free spin.

Hits on both sets of drums with a single spin and an 8x multiplier is applied to that win. With the potential to spin up to ten-of-a-kind combinations added to the mix, the wins can be impressive to say the least!

General Analysis

We loved playing every Pocket Games Soft slot we tried, and there was almost nothing we didn’t like about Double Fortune. The opportunity to spin double symbols and get ten-of-a-kind winning combinations is very hard to ignore, and we are sure you will love this game if you enjoy playing Double Stacks online slot.

Our only real reservation is the very high volatility of the game – it doesn’t matter how fantastic the bonus features are if you never try them! Before applying your expertise and experience to an online casino, we advise you to play Double Fortune for free a lot.

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